Joel — Aware — Zayas

Alphabet Slaughter

As part of the GN crew’s annual collaboration, this year’s theme, called alphabet slaughter, displays┬áthe versatility of each team member, challenging one another to break away from the letters we’re used to within our street aliases and experiment with new ones.

When assigning the letters, we broke up the alphabet by groups and assigned a group to a member through the draw of a piece of paper out of a hat. I was up for TUV, which I’ve learned after this project are the most boring combinations of letters in the english alphabet!

I mean have you really taken the time to break down a letter or a combination of them? I’m sure typographists and graffiti artists loose sleep over the same issues (although graffiti artists work around┬ábaselines and grids a bit more creatively in my opinion).

Another fun, successful, weekend project cranked out by GN Crew Boston.

Starting to fill in…

Filling in

Making progress on the outline.

Laying down the outline

One shot lines for the outline.

Outlining up high is always difficult.

Outlining on a latter is hard for little guys like me.

Alphabet slaughter process shot

Sun is beaming, and we’re all trying to finish up!

Each team member working on their groups of letters

Shot of the full production…

Alphebitcal Slaughter full