Joel — Aware — Zayas

Biter’s Bait

As part of our yearly team production, GN Crew Boston came up with – what I’m calling – “Biter’s Bait”. The concept, pretty simple, our combined styles serve as feed for toy graffiti sharks (BITERS).

Seems like every time I get called out to paint I get the hardest, awkward spots to paint on. I’m only 5’6″, and had to work on a latter all day, but still had fun rocking this one. I blame Take and Odesy for that (it’s this whole big bro/little bro relationship that goes way back)!

Blame these guys for putting me up top of the wall

It was also good to paint alongside one of the original GN members, Rezume. Back when I first started doing graff, Rezume was – and still is – a big inspiration to me coming out of the same neighborhood I grew up in.

In sum, the production took a long hot weekend to produce, but the finished product was a sight to see.

Big shout out to Ernie from Boston Clutch Works for again, letting us flex our index finger muscles on his property.

A few moments from this collaboration:





Biter's bait, aware close up

And the full production…

Biter's bait, full production