Joel — Aware — Zayas

Tightly Laced Kicks 2011

Tightly laced kicks is an annual event in Boston MA, where collectors of limited edition sneakers display, trade or in some cases – if the price is right – sell their collectables. There’s always the rare, unworn release of Jordan’s on display. You got to give the owner props for not getting stomped, stabbed or shot when attaining their prized possessions.

Organized by one of my good friends and crew mates Dayz, he had me join up with a few other members for a live painting session where guests can check out some kicks and view some live graffiti art! The theme of the production revolves around our old photo albums; how we used to have to cut, tape and align our disposable camera photos to form the whole production. Here’s what I did…

Starting with the good’ol night before sketch while having drinks at the bar. I should be better prepared, but sometimes I create better when on the spot.

First take before throwing up any paint. On the back of a Clery's receipt!

Sketch, then first outline goes up…

Got to see my sketch a bit more clearer. Laying out that outline.

First outline complete. Now that I see this thing, time to fill in!

Applied first outline. Time to fill in.

Beginning to fill in.

Nearing the end of the fill.

Fill progressions. Going with the flow as they say...

Adding double force field/outline, then in usual fashion taking off. Leaving it up to the fellas to tie it into the background.

Fill and force field up.

A glimpse of the final production.

Tightly laced kicks full production