Joel — Aware — Zayas

MIT 2030

Initially, my first responsive design build out created at Sametz. I used a small CSS framework called bluCSS (which as I write this, I notice the link to this framework is just a redirect to a blog post about it), before bootstrap or foundation became the centerpieces for responsive CSS frameworks, as they are now.

No server side/back-end logic involved for this site. MIT2030 consists of small sized, flat HTML files, with a few stylesheets and very little JS. It’s good to take a break from the heavy lifting that goes on with back-end-centric sites, and turn out a small one where you have more room for experimentation, every now and then. Wish more of these types of projects came through the door often.

It was an honor to cut the banner, taking part of the first responsive digital campaign – albeit a small one – at the Blackstone.