Joel — Aware — Zayas

MIT Capital Projects

After launching the MIT2030 site, it was time to begin working on Capital Projects, a portfolio-esque collection of developments in and around the MIT campus in Cambridge MA (with one stray project in Holyoke).

We needed a way to better organize and display these projects for multiple end-user platforms, browsers and mobile devices. Ideally, the site needed to be responsive, with four strict break points, each set to the width of one of our project’s containers, with the last break point set to fill at full width (100%). The underlaying 1140 CSS grid (which has now been retired), was used as part of the site’s markup and served as a great reference for our layout. By adhering to the static pixel dimensions of the grid, the transition from UI to design to development was a pretty smooth process.

Overall, Capital Projects was another neat, experimental – and in actuality, the second responsive site churned out at SBA – project which when all was said and done (and launched), I earned me a sam.bee award for.

sam.bee award for Capital Projects