Joel — Aware — Zayas

Sense lives

Ive been meaning to post about my good friend Craig “Sense” Hanson for some time now, but you know…life happens. Such is the case with Craig. One minute you’re introduced to someone who little do you know at the time will change your life.

That was Craig.

I met Craig through a mutual friend who knew us two should meet and geek out on all things Boston graffiti. When we did, we did just that but much more. Craig had a way of making you feel like you’ve known him for years. We became good friends and bonded primarily through the love of graffiti and hip-hop.

What will always reside in me about Craig was his passion and hunger to be the best. I’ve never seen anything like it. His commitment to graffiti took him to levels only few have achieved over a short period of time. It was like he had a new piece posted on Instagram every other day!

His energy was contagious. His passion was admirable. His effect will last over my lifetime and more.

To Craig: Thank you for inspiring me to push myself harder. To never feel comfortable and to always want to achieve new levels of success in every aspect of my life. Know that I promise to keep that energy alive through constant hard work and effort and that I carry that reminder with me every day:

Sense lives.

Why be a pawn when you have the potential to be a king!

— Sense